Mum (Jan Elvin)

Without my mum encouraging (and at the minute funding!) me, I would never have been able to get where I am today. She helps out all the time with looking after the horses at home, looking after them at shows, assisting Pam¬†with her training sessions, and the list goes on. She’s the best mum anyone could ask for, and she’s supported me the whole time.

Dad (Darryl Skelton)

Dad is chief lorry driver as he’s the only one with a HGV licence. He takes both me and the horses all around the country, and more! At shows he is a big help, with both looking after the horses and warming me up for a competition. Also, around the yard he tends to be the fix-it man for occasions like when Rumba thought it would be a good idea to rip his haybar off the wall!

Cameron Skelton

My younger brother is a big help, he too is a show jumper and rides some of the horses, it is good for the horses to change rider so they do not become too used to the same person all the time. Cam is a very talented young rider and works the horse well on both the flat and over jumps, and the horses benefit from being ridden by a different style of rider.

Christie Skelton

My big sister has always supported me and comes and watches me at shows and helps out home on the yard when she’s not at university. She has a horse of her own and when I’ve got too many to ride doesn’t mind getting on one of mine to make sure they all get the right amount of attention and exercise that they need.

Alexandra Mcneil

Alexandra Mcneil is an excellent addition to the team, having worked with people such as Amy Woodhead she is a very accomplished rider who helps on the yard with all of the horses as well as accompanies us to shows. Being the best at plaiting is also useful when the occasion arises that it is needed!

Pam Dunning

Pam Dunning has been show jump training Cameron and me for a while now, and the results speak for themselves. Pam is an essential part of the team and with her wealth of experience all the horses and ourselves have progressed rapidly, helped by the backing we originally received from Lionel Dunning. We train with her usually every week, often using a different exercise each week and even different exercises for each horse as the majority of them are young horses at different stages in their career.

Jess Griffiths

Jess is our dressage instructor and helps us with getting the horses to work correctly and properly as well as connect things they have learnt on the flat with things they are doing with their jumping. All of the young horses benefit from a good grounding on the flat to help them with things like their balance and rhythm and Jess helps us with that.