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02/10/2013 – Horseworld (unaffiliated) We decided that it was about time Teddy got out to his first show ever, as he was comfortably schooling around a course of about 90 to a 1m at home, and his flatwork had really progressed, with him performing movements such as leg yield and travers. We arrived intending to jump the 85cm, but due to poor attendence the 95cm course walk was already on. We decided to give it a go anyway, and was delighted with him when he just had one pole down – not bad for his first time out!

23/09/2013 to 28/09/2013 – Arena Uk Festival Having recently returned to school to do my A levels, we were selective as to what classes we would enter with Rumba, considering the huge numbers in the classes as well. In the end we settled for the stars of the future and the 6 year old class. Rumba was just unlucky in the stars of the future, finishing in 44th, just missing out on qualifying, however I was happy with the way he jumped so wasn’t too disappointed.

I still had the 6 year old class to look forward too, and on Wednesday he jumped a brilliant double clear to qualify for the grand prix, meaning I didn’t have to jump in the other qualifier. It was a high quality field that entered the Grand Prix on Saturday, totalling 42 starters. Rumba jumped a foot perfect double clear to finish 7th overall.

15/09/2013 – Aintree International Equestrian Centre Rumba had a 2 week break after his rather busy SCOPE Festival, but came back super fresh and ready to go, taking 3rd and 8th in the 1.10 and 1.15 amateur second rounds respectively, qualifying for the finals in one fell sweep.

25/08/2013 to 31/08/2013 – SCOPE Festival I have had a really rather drama filled and amazing week at this years SCOPE festival, the national showjumping championships. Rumba jumped absolutely fantastic all week, jumping in 5 classes and qualifiying for all 5 finals. He went on to be placed in three of them, with a 6th in the british novice, 9th in the Blue Riband Sports Horse Classic, and 10th in the Grade C. Rumba just kept jumping clears, despite being thrown in the deep end a bit in the young riders class, he still jumped  double clear, qualifying for the final, which I decided to withdraw from due to him only being 6! However our clear rounds did pay off, with the PROtector hat man approaching me after watching me jump in the Grade C, and giving me the choice of any hat I wanted as a gift.

14/08/2013 to 18/08/2013 – Addington Manor Just Rumba headed down to Addington Manor for the young horse championships that were held there. The 6 year old non British bred horses was the biggest class with over 60 horses competing in it alone, and Rumba jumped commendably having 4 faults in both prelim rounds and only 8 in the final. He didn’t jump quite as good as usual and I wondered whether it was due to the long travel alone, however he wasn’t alone on the way home as we bought Funky Campbell at the Brightwells Elite August auction whilst there!

05/08/2013 – Saywells We took Rumba to Andrew Saywell’s young horse training clinic, where we were in a group with 3 other 6 year olds. I think Rumba particularly enjoyed his day out as the jumps were quite a step down from usual for him! Nevertheless we picked up some useful tips I’ll be putting into practice at home.

29/07/13 – Oakham Vets Straight after packing up at Arena UK we headed to Oakham vets once more to pick up the two mares, the foal and the stallion to bring them all back home. Hopefully this time both mares will be in foal!

26/07/13 to 29/07/13 – Arena UK It was an early start on friday morning for us with Rumba jumping in the 6 year old class in the big ring. He was off to a cracking start, jumping clear in the first round, but unfortunately clipped the back bar of the triple bar in the first jump off, and so it was back to the drawing board for us. Rumba then jumped just as fantastically in the 1.30 but was unlucky again having just the one pole in the jump off.

After spending the early hours of saturday morning polishing and plaiting the horses, they were ready for the team jumping. Rumba jumped two foot perfect clear rounds in the 1.15 section, but an unlucky pole from another member left the team on four faults overall. Rumba had an incredibly busy day as this was then followed by a foxhunter second round. A testing track for a 6 yr old, but Rumba certainly didn’t disappoint having only 4 faults over a course where more experienced combinations struggled.

Finally, on the Sunday Rumba added to his tally of foxhunter double clears with a beautiful round, well within his comfort zone, despite having to compete with a tight time in the first round, which unsettled other horses. Almost straight after this, he jumped in a B,C handicap at 1.25 and although seemingly jumping round with ease, the long and tiresome weekend unfortunately seemed to catch up with him causing him to just tap 2 poles off towards the end of the jump off.

Rumba proved his worth when he again jumped double clear in the foxhunter on Monday afternoon meaning he’d notched up all four double clears in just 3 weeks- impressive or what!

21/07/13 – Bicton Arena Rather than going home after Weston Lawns we carried on down to Devon to jump in the Newcomers Second Round on the Sunday. Rumba jumped a clear in the warm up but unfortunately had 4 faults in the actual thing. JJ however was on fire jumping the first 2 rounds clear but then tiring towards the end of the course in the last round meaning he didn’t qualify, however with it being on grass I was still happy with his performance.

20/07/13 – Weston Lawns Today was an unusual not so early start for us today as Weston Lawns were hosting a HOYs qualifier and I wasn’t jumping in the warm up. Both JJ and Rumba were unlucky not to make it to the jump off, but Rumba especially jumped well and I was particularly pleased with his round as usually he is rather spooky at Weston Lawns.

14/07/13 – Bridgend County Show After South View we travelled down to Pencoed College where we were staying the night, so Rumba could jump in the Novice second round the following day. Rumba produced a treble clear and finished in second, just by keeping our route round the course relatively tight, but still aiming for that all important treble clear – Rumba didn’t disappoint.

12/07/13 to 13/07/13 – South View My main focus this weekend was the Newcomer Second Round at South View with both Rumba and JJ had qualified to jump in. We travelled down Thursday night and stayed over to get up bright and early the next morning for the warm up class with Rumba. He jumped a nice clear finishing in 7th place. Then onto the Newcomers; with over 125 entries and 13 jumps, (17 jumping efforts due to there being 2 doubles and a treble) in the ring including a water jump, a triple bar, a set of planks and some technical lines, it was always going to be a tough track, not to add the tight time allowed! JJ went out in the first round, picking up 2 time faults on his way round. Rumba however jumped a clear despite taking a good look at the first jump, which he’d already jumped once in the warm up class!

39 in total went through to the first jump off, including the likes of Billy Twomey and Geoff Billington. Rumba once again jumped a clear round over jumps 1-6, within the time, as some unfortunately found out the time was still tight. A further 20 went through to the final jump off; and because this was the biggest Rumba had ever jumped with the jumps being in the 1.45 region, I aimed for a steady clear. Rumba unfortunately rolled the front bar of a big square oxer, but 4 faults in the final jump off of a Newcomers second round isn’t a bad result for a 6 year old! He picked up 12th overall.

The following day both boys jumped in the foxhunter, both picking up a double clear, and in Rumba’s case along with it, a 3rd place.

10/07/13 – Training at home I loose schooled Tally today over some jumps for the first time today, he quickly understood what we were wanting him to do and by the end of the session he was really starting to show what good technique he had over a fence.

08/07/13 – Oakham Vets We brought my 3 year old Argentinus x Concorde stallion home from the vets along with our two broodmares. Tally fulfilled his stud duties and hopefully both mares will have caught otherwise it will be another trip back to the vets for us.

06/07/13 to 07/07/13 – Ingliston We had a long trip up to Ingliston near Glasgow to try our luck at another Amateur Classic HOYS qualifier which had over 100 entries! Rumba had an unlucky 4 faults heading towards the gate, which I think he probably had his eye on instead of the jump. JJ jumped a great round but wasn’t so fortunate in the jump off, having 2 down which pushed him just out of the places.

The next day Rumba jumped a lovely double clear in the foxhunter and finished 3rd, as the highest place foxhunter horse, and JJ jumped well too in the 1.30 just having one pole down.

03/07/13 – Back home again After a long journey back from south Wales Lionel Dunning was waiting for me when I arrived home. We decided to give Teddy a show jumping and flat work session. Other than trotting poles this is the first time Teddy has been show jumped. What a superstar, within only a few minutes Lionel helped have me jumping a small oxer 90cm high and almost 1.10 wide.

03/07/13 – South Wales We delivered Jessica Rabbit, my last pony to a fabulous new home in south Wales today. I was so lucky that Steph and her mum allowed me to go for a ride on the beach and through the sand dunes with her and their other ponies, what a fantastic way to hand over to a new rider. Rabbit was a super pony to have had the privilege to own and compete, I can’t wait to see Steph competing with her.

30/06/13 – Port Royal EEC I jumped at Port Royal EEC today in the HOYS Amateur Classic qualifier there, Rumba jumped clear in the first round, being one of only roughly 25 jumping clear from over 100 entries. He was unlucky in the jump off and just tapped a pole down, but still came 13th, being a fast four faulter.

23/06/13 – Bold Heath After an overnight stop at Alex Bratt’s yard(Elite Sports Horses) Rumba jumped fantastic today at Bold Heath, where they were holding a SCOPE Discovery Second Round, he was one of the last to jump in the warm up class, and went straight into the lead, with no one following me managing to beat the time even, we started the day with a win. He then went on to jump treble clear in a quick time, coming second overall, from about 60 horses. JJ jumped clear in the first round and was unlucky not to get into the third round.

22/06/13 – Weston Lawns I was very proud of Rumba today at Weston Lawns, he jumped double clear in the warm up class, just missing out on the money. Then in the Newcomers Second Round he was one of only 29 to jump clear in the first round, from over 150 entries, and finished in 17th place!