29/06/2014 – Willow Banks EC Despite the rain at willow banks we turned up in time for the clear round with Funky and Teddy for their very first shows. I was really pleased with them both, Funky jumping a clear round despite his knees knocking with fear at the thought of going in the practice ring! And Teddy just had one unlucky fence down but still not bad considering David Cole’s ample decorations there to distract a baby! We then returned later with Rumba who jumped a cracking double clear in the foxhunter to finish second, and just touched a back bar in the 1.30 jump off to come home with the fastest time but unfortunately four faults, and finished third.

22/06/2014 – Port Royal EEC We turned up with a bit more time to prepare for the foxunter this week, but not much more, however Rumba still jumped awesome to win the foxhunter with ease, however no one else wanted to jump the 1.30!

15/06/2014 – Port Royal EEC Had a great day out at Port Royal EEC today despite only just arriving in time to jump the foxhunter, from unloading to being in the ring I think I set a record of 4 and a half minutes! However Rumba jumped ace, and got some more practice over the water jump, and won both the foxhunter and the 1.30, and even better, they were still serving cups of tea in the cafe after we’d untacked!

08/06/2014 – Willow Banks EC We went to the new local equestrian centres inaugural British Showjumping show, I took Rumba, and Cam took JJ. Cam jumped in the 1.15 and the 1.20, and was really unlucky to have just a pole down in each, but still not bad for his first show out from breaking his knuckle over a month before! Rumba and I jumped in the 1.20 and the 1.30, having one unlucky pole down in the 1.20, however he jumped fantastic in the 1.30, jumping double clear and coming second, so all in all a pretty good day!

07/06/2014 – Bramham Despite the pouring rain, we decided to forge ahead on our way to Bramham, albeit carefully and slowly. When we arrived, parking on the grass we found ourselves almost immediately sliding and parked where we could! I jumped Rumba in the grade C HOYS qualifier, and had an unlucky 8 faults due to Rumba deciding he quite liked the look of the gate, then not looking at the jump. However he still felt like he was jumping awesome out of the sticky mud, and gave everything else loads of room!

01/06/2014 – Messingham Show I took two horses to one of our local villages grass shows, Chilli and Rumba, both of them jumped really well, Chilli only having one jump down in both the 1.10 and the 1.15, not bad for his first time on grass! (Though he wasn’t too impressed with being studded up!) And Rumba won the 1.15, and was second in the foxhunter/1.20, I think it’s been a good grass warm up show for the summer shows that are held on grass.

01/05/2014 to 05/05/2014 – Chepstow International CSI 2*, 1* and 1*YH I travelled down to Chepstow International 2*, 1* and 1*YH, with the one horse to compete, Caramba, I jumped in the 2* section, and Rumba jumped really well all week, culminating in a double clear in the grand prix which was 1.35/1.40 .Whilst I was there I was on a program called the International Experience Program, organised by the BS and Sport England, the program involved talks and course walks throughout the week. We were being watched by the team selectors who were picking 8 out of the whole program to attend an international show abroad. A week or so after the show I received an email which said I’d been picked and the show in question was to be at Bonheiden, Belgium in September and we would go with a Team coach. I’m super excited and can’t wait to represent Britain abroad!