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Company Business (Stable name: JJ)
JJ was my first horse and one I produced from novice to regularly competing at 1.40 whilst still riding ponies. I share this ride with my brother though currently he seems to have taken over JJ completely!

Caramba (Stable name: Rumba)
Rumba is my very talented 7 year old. He’s starting to show just how talented he really is, consistently jumping at anywhere between 1.20 to 1.40.

Cheleko GB Z (Stable name: Chilli)
Chilli arrived early October 2013, having lead an easy life for the past couple of years, but with an impressive track record as a youngster.

Easy Ted (Stable name: Teddy)
Teddy arrived Summer 2013, well behind on his education, he is progressing nicely now though, well established in both show jumping and dressage, and just starting competing.

Easy Talent (Stable name: Tally)
Tally arrived as a 2 year old colt in 2012, he needed a lot of handling at the time, and so far we’ve been able to keep him entire. Tally is working very well under saddle and looks like a contender for the 4 year old classes this year.

Funky Campbell (Stable name: Funky)
Funky was bought from Brightwell’s August 2013 Elite auction as an unbroken 3 year old, he’s now working well and just starting his competition career.